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RITE of ILK is a cooperative exploration-adventure game played entirely by two players. You will play as one of the two young Ilk bound together by a single sacrificial rope as they cling to survival in a strange world.

Sacrificed for the sake of their people, Mokh and Tarh must combine each other's strengths and work together to overcome all the obstacles they will inevitably face if they have any hope in restoring peace with the gods. They soon discover that uncovering the past may be the only way to salvage the future.

Awards: In 2016 we won the Unreal Engine Dev grant, and in 2017 on GamesCom we won the IndieArena Awards for Rising Star and Best Game and Elite Gamers Best Indie Game award!

On RITE of ILK, I was a Game and Level Designer. My duties included:

- Designing, pitching and prototyping new mechanics.
- Create new levels, from initial concept to 3D blockout.
- Place and connect game mechanics within Unreal Engine 4.
- Use visual script language Blueprint on a day to day basis.
- Designing, pitching and prototyping huge boss fights.
- Designing, pitching and prototyping complexe and unique puzzels.
- Create thrilling action sequences.
- Set up level scripting.
- Set up camera work and dialogue.
- Conducting playtests and QA.
- Work together with programmers on bug fixes.
- Polish the timing and values of numerous game mechanics and events.
- So much more!

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