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Rite of ilk AI

While working on RITE of ILK I also designed several encounters the players have with the bosses of the game. In creating these encounters I worked with the behaviour tree in Unreal Engine 4 creating different states, attacks and behaviour for the encounters.


This is the first bossfight of the game, and I pitched and prototyped this fight. Because RITE of ILK is a game without combat and you play as two children we didn't want the players to fight the boss. Instead we chose for an approach where the players would outsmart the boss and turn his own power against him. The main itterations were to the combat flow and different attacks the monster can use against the players. I also created all VFX for this fight.


Whisps are the lost souls of the children that attempted to do the RITE in the years before the players. The players can choose to help them pass to the afterlife by helping them find their partner, who is also lost somewhere nearby. To provide something different from the other puzzles in the game, these sidequest are setup as small murder mysteries. The players have to backtrack what happened to the whisps in order to find their partner and help them pass to the afterlife. I also created the material and VFX for the whisps.

Air Dweller

The Air Dweller was to be the second boss in the game, and the player whould have multiple encounters with him, to help establish his character better and raise the stakes of the narrative. Allthough the levels are still in blockout, it does give a good representation of what the actuall fight would have been like.

In this first encounter, the players stumble onto the dweller, who is occupied. Scared, the children rather sneak past him then to face him. To add more tension to this encounter I added vases that could be knocked over, thus allerting the dweller. At the end of the encounter I also added barrels that the player would have to use to sneak past the open field.