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Rite of ilk Sequences

During the development of RITE of ILK we were really pleased with how the levels and puzzles where feeling, but during some longer playtest sessions we realised that there weren't enough moments in the game that really amped up the action. Inspired by games such as Uncharted 4 we decided to add several action sequences to our game to really shake up the expectations of the players. All of the action sequences here are designed by me and made with the help of the Unreal Engine 4 Sequencer.

River Raft Sequence

The river raft sequence started out as the first prototype of the action sequence idea. I created the entire action sequence, from blockout to the implementation of the final raft. I also hooked all dialogue and created the intro and outro of the sequence and created the water material and various particle effects to sell the scene. The setdress was done by several artists.

Dirt Slide Sequence

I also experimented with creating a few smaller action sequences that are used to shortly throw the player on edge and break up the gameplay flow. In this sequence the wooden bridge the players walk on collapses which causes them to fall into a lower area.

Collapse Tower Sequence

This was another sequence that was just a quick change of pace where the players have to deal with the collapsing of a tower.