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Swords & Soldiers 2

Platform: WiiU

Genre: 2D RTS

Role: Intern Game & Level Design

On Swords & Soldiers 2, I was primarily responsible for creating campaign levels for the game using the inhouse tools. Because Swords & Soldiers 2 is a 2D RTS I also worked on scripting the enemy bases and the level events, incorperating cinematics, dialogues and save states.


Included in those levels where the prologue level and the tutorial level, setting up the story and explain the controls to the player. You can view these two levels in action down below (up untill 13:33).

Desert Storm level

One of the more challenging levels to build was the "Desert Storm" level. This level starts out with the player being chased by a sandstorm. I put a lot of effort in balancing the speed of the sandstorm so it stays near the player and feels like a danger without feeling unfair. Halfway through the level the player has outrun the storm and is than tasked with stealing a treasure. You can view this level in action down below (starts at 8:30)


Besides from the campaign levels I was also responsible for balancing the multiplayer side of the game, tweaking and balancing values to make the multiplayer quick, engaging and fun, without the game losing it's strategic depth. I also worked on designing and prototyping the two mini games in Swords & Soldiers 2 where players can set highscores.

Other duties included general playtest sessions, QA and bug fixing.