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HeartCore was me and my teams entry for the 2013 edition of the Global Game Jam. The theme was the sound of a heartbeat. We decided to make a game where 2 players share 1 heart! While a player has no heart he slowly bleeds out, while the player with a heart regenerates health. The players can toss the heart towards one another but have to be carefull not to drop it into the abyss. The goal of the game is to get to as many islands as you can.

Hearthcore Splash Screen

Game Design

Besides from comming up with the initial design draft my main game design responsibilities consisted of creating different enemy types, tweaking values of both the Island generation and the enemy stats, working closely together with the programmers.


Between designing and playtesting the game I also created the male character including all of it's animations, created the graphics and animation of all the level blocks and in the final stages of the game jam also created visual background ornaments that could be placed to further randomise the look and feel of the islands

During this gamejam we wanted to focus more on the core of the game and expand outward from there, so that the game whould always be in a playable state, no matter how far we got. We also decided to dive into random world generation in order to create a good amount of gameplay and diversity, which was a lot of fun!

The trailer was made while we were still working on the implementation of the graphics (in true GGJ fashion!) so please keep that in mind, you can check it out here: