Level Design

On this page you can view some of the seperate level designs I did for other games. For each of these you must have the original game installed in order to be able to play them.

Portal 2 (2013)

The goal was to create a level that was as naked as possible, while making it as hard as you can. This is the level I came up with. You can download it Here and watch a walkthrough of it down below:

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne (2013)

The goal was to create a campaign level for WC3 with the use of ingame events. I made a quest where the player has both hero play and basebuilding. The main goal is to gather an army and enough wood to gain access to the demon portal.

Here your hero and the demon will square off in a battle to decide the fate of the world. I learned a lot about the WC3 engine and level design in general and really enjoyed myself while working on this project! You can download the Warcraft 3 file Here