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QBot is a Unity game made for a schoolproject where the task was to create a game that focussed on spatial challenges. In QBot the player controls 1 or more QBot's at the same time and leads them through increasingly difficult levels to collect old LP's. Each level rates the users preformance with either a bronze, silver or gold LP.

After creating the first few design drafts, my main responsibilities during this project where to create levels within our own little level creator. I was also responsible for figuring out and creating the difficulty curve of the levels, overseeing playtests and developing the end level score system.

At the final presentation the game was very well recieved and took home the first price for best game of the class!

Check out the trailer below, and if you want to play the game yourself, you can download it Here

Because we did not have any artist in our team I also stepped in and helped with a bit of concept art.