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Ruined is a Unity game created in 2 months for the Armada control system, a system that allows patients with muscle disease to still control computers. This game was specialy made to train these arm muscles so the disease is slowed while the patient is having fun!

The game is about a wannabe adventurer that blindly walks into a dangerous treasure temple. The player controls an platform and is tasked to keep the adventurer save from all the traps in the temple! check out the trailer below.

During the first week of the project I created the game design document, containing all gameplay elements such as all the traps the player needs to interact with. After that I paper designed all levels for the game and created them in the Unity Engine. After the initial design phase I worked on some of the animations for the main character while continuing to test and itterate on the levels.

Down below you can find all the animations and content I created for Ruined.