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Zoektocht naar Wijsheid (Quest for Wisdom)

Zoektocht naar Wijsheid is a Unity game made as a school project targeting elderly people as the main playergroup. Because our research showed the target audience likes to be in a calm and beautifull place we made a game that was both visually interesting and low key on gameplay. We tried to make the game very accessable and clean on interface to eliminate any confusion with the players. Because the target audience is not very strong in any other foreign languages we kept the game in dutch.

My main job was to create a design that would allow and encourage exploration of the environments, communicate clearly what the objectives where without relying on User Interface. In each level the player is tasked to find the missing key sticks in the environment and bring them to the key stone near the gate. When all the key sticks are inserted, the gate will open and the player goes to the next level.

In the level design I always made sure that the players encounter the gate first, so they know how many sticks they needed to find. The rest of a level whould be focussed around small environmental puzzels with great visual distinction so players always know where they have already been.

Down below you can see some screenshots of the game, as well as some of the work I did for the game: